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We are giving engineered solution from last 10 years


We always try to bring learners to learn robotics and advance level of robotics.

Industrial Research

We always focus on high level industrial research to be versioning for future purpose


Fliptronics focus on all domain engineering academics projects and hardware developement .

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Fliptronics encourage researcher to complete their research in simplest and effective way.

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Build your dream product with us.

Who we are?

FLIPTRONICS's R & D came into existence in 2008. Known as FLIPTRONICS, the company is well known in the Domain of "Embedded Real Time System" for Consumer Product, Renewable Energy System and Security system. Laboratory, located in Mayiladuthurai, Tamilnadu, India. The company entirely focuses on development of products for Automation ,Weighing Scale and Renewable Energy Systems and has brought a slew of products in this Domain. We provide technological Embedded innnovative solution for end to end electronics product development. Company served 10 years to fullfill customer requirements with wide-ranging statisfaction.

Best Product

Delivering best product to customer as per customer needs.

High quality

Our Product is high quality with low failure rate.

Customer support

We providing 24*7 customer care support for the products.

Why you should working with us?

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  • We help align your brand strategy with key objectives.
  • We help our customers to build better business for future.
  • We design best working path for startups.

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Build your dream product with us.

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